Robot not driving straight during driver

The weight on both sides is the same and the friction seems the same on both sides. Any reasons my robot won’t drive straight?

Check if your chassis motors are overheating. That was the issue when my robot didn’t drive straight.
If that doesn’t fix it, I would suggest checking your chassis for any loose gears, shaft collars etc.

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Thx one of the motors was overheating but that don’t seem to be the issue, I’ll put wd-40 next time I’m at club

Don’t do that. Having seen your drive, try to check your bearings to make sure that they don’t have too much friction on the axles. Lubricant isn’t your solution to all your problems- try finding the cause first.

Also, have you checked if all the motor axles are in?


I’ve had some problems with that in the past, most of it due to motor overheating from overusing the motors. However, a few times it has been the alignment of the axles and the bearings. Drive your robot and see if the wheels are slightly crooked in any way, or if your drive train is a bit loose. If everything is squared up and the axles are in good alignment, you shouldn’t have a problem.

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Try putting the robot on its side and spinning the wheels. Check if one side is visibly slower.

What I did, also when pushing in the middle of robot, both sides seem to spin easily