Robot not following autonomus code

the problem is that the robot will not perform any action other than moving it’s arm down slightly and then stopping

// Include the V5 Library
#include “vex.h”

// Allows for easier use of the VEX Library
using namespace vex;

float myVariable;

// “when started” hat block

//Create a Competition Object
competition Competition;

//Function to run when the event occurs
void runOnEvent() {
Brain.Screen.print(“Event has occurred”);

int main() {
// Register event with a callback function.

while (true) {

MotorGroup8.spinFor(reverse, 90.0, degrees, false);
Drivetrain.driveFor(forward, 6.0, inches, false);
MotorGroup8.spinFor(forward, 78.0, degrees, false);
Drivetrain.driveFor(forward, 6.0, inches, false);
Drivetrain.turnFor(right, 60.0, degrees, false);
return 0;

wait(0.05, seconds);


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It appears that your code is not completing execution because you set all the movements to not wait for completion. You start movements in quick succession but never wait for any to finish.

Try setting the false's in some of your function arguments to true and see what happens.