Robot Not Turning on point


We have an issue where our robot is not turning on point. For some reason, it keeps drifting to one side and does not turn on the center of the robot. The base is 100% symmetrical. Any ideas of what the issue may be.

Priority of what I think it likely is

  1. Center of mass shifted: It is a good idea to have your brain and battery be on opposite sides of the robot to distribute the mass evenly. The battery and brain is quite heavy.
  2. Bearing friction: For each of your drivetrain axles, make sure that the axles freespin easily from a bearing flat. If they don’t, take the bearing flat off and replace it (or alternatively drill out the hole to be a bit larger)
  3. Motor problems: Double check if the motors run properly and at the same speed by making a simple code that tells the motors to go to full power. If a motor is struggling to move at the same speed as the others, try replacing the motor.
  4. Programming/Wiring: Highly unlikely but you may have not added a motor properly in the motors and sensors setup, or something is unplugged. Just in case check the lights on all of the motors and see if its a solid red color. If they are all solid red then the motors are likely fine. In VEXCode check motors and sensors setup and make sure the wiring is in parallel to what was put.
    Note: If any motor is blinking red either the motor, brain port, or wire is broken

Thank you so much for the response!