Robot not turning

This is student-built clawbot. Checked that the construction was identical to other, working, robots. We can’t figure out what it is straining against when trying to turn. If we hold the robot up off the table, the wheels turn freely and follow the code. Any thoughts?? Uploading a pic of the code and a brief video of the (27.6 MB)

It could be that one of your motors have been burned out, therefore not being able to spin at the same torque as before. How old are the kits that you have?


Thanks. The kit is brand new. The brain failed in the first week, the gyro sensor doesn’t work, and the first time we used the battery charger, it made a loud pop and died. Luckily we had spares from older kits.

I think you might have to RMA the kit then. I don’t know how you would do that.

Is the robot able to turn if you take the battery from a known good robot?
The LED is going RED and the battery indicator dropping right down which suggests either the battery has a low voltage or that one of the motors is being stalled and drawing a lot of current.


I think that is the second battery, but will have the student do another test to be certain. It’s hard, because the student is learning remotely and has to be driven to school every time something goes wrong!