Robot on Platform and Ball


My team ended their autonomous program with 3 robot wheels on the alliance platform, and one wheel reting on a ball that was touching the tile. We are unclear if this affects the scoring on the platform.

We read the rules and the forum and do not see this situation addressed. We read that the robot is on the platform if and “not touching the grey tile or white tape” when it is scored. Does this mean that resting on a field element allows the robot to score on the platform?

Team 4242

That is correct. If you are touching a game piece while you are parking, it counts as a park.

Yes, this is perfectly legal. As long as the robot is not contacting the foam tiles or tape then the points for parking are scored. So using field elements or other robots as support when parking is perfectly fine.

If (touching platform == true) {

 if (! touching grey tile && ! touching white lines) { score +3;}

 else break;


How did I do? Let me know if I missed part of the routine.

@Adam T I like it mate.