Robot Problems

The way how my teams robot is this year is a 17.5" x 14" base with a 16" high four bar lift. We have been running into some problems during the process, but we were able to some them, but there is one problem we had just ran into. We need to add a fork lift onto the four bar and we only have 4" to play with. What we were thinking is adding hinges to where the four bar and the fork lift meet, but we can’t really solve how to have it up during the match set up, then lock it into place when it falls down. Any suggests?

Do you mean your locking mechanism for your dumper. 8059D has a really good locking mechanism if that is what you want

Make your fork intake fold in using hinges then have it pull out with rubber bands when you move your robot and of course lock it using a locking mechanism so it won’t fold back in when you dump. There are many locking mechanisms online and they are straight forward. You can try to even modify the existing ones to fit your robot.

Try using the search function this forum for things like “unfold intake” or “intake lock” or something like that. There are a lot of great and helpful threads on this topic out there already.

  1. Put rubber bands on the intake so they pull the intake down. 2. Before the match starts, fold the intake up so that it is barely balanced, and doesn’t fall down. 3. When the match starts, move your robot quickly forward a little bit and then stop. 4. Your scoop will fall down, and depending on how tight your rubber bands are, you won’t need a locking mechanism, because the rubber bands will hold it in that position.

I’m also having the same problem but the difference is my team has a 6-bar lift and an X-Drive as a drivetrain with about 3 inches to spare. I was thinking of moving the lift a few inches back a little, then add a rack and pinion for my dumper. I didn’t know if that will work and also considering I only have 2 motors to spare. Would the rack and pinion work for just the start of the match or would a locking mechanism work better. Right now at this point I am not looking for a hanging mechanism so I am not worried about saving motors. My team has a touney next weekend and hopefully we are able to finish this robot which is our second one.

We have a locking mech that about 2" long (its the same as 8059D’s). Based on our experience with it i would recommend it to you. I don’t quite know what you’re talking about when you say rack and pinion for the intake though (as in i don’t know how you are wanting to use it) so don’t take this as saying you need to do a locking mechanism. Anyway, hope that helps at least some in your decision and I hope that your tourney goes well :slight_smile:

Thx. I will look at 8059D robot. I’m most likely now going to use the locking mechanism. What does the locking mechanism look like. I would surely like to base my locking mechanism off of it but not steal your idea, same with 8059D

Okay, I did look at 8059D’s robot, I remember our teacher showing us that video of their robot. My fork-lift or dumper is actually very similar to it. I will talk to my team and hopefully add that locking mechanism. I feel last year’s competition was less complex so I’m looking forward to this year and good luck to all of you in the future.

Looking at earlier forum posts, I have found two locking mechanisms that catch my interests: