Over the inactive motor and arm problem forum posts, i have been getting alot of advice. I am just creating this thread because its a bit confusing looking between to threads with everyone telling me to do different things.
P.S I have taken off the motor on the right at the top of the robot.
What i plan to do: Find out how elastic bands work, and use them, set right and left arm to holding (on vexcode) and change the gear ratio from 1:5 to 1:15 (somehow :cold_face:)
Did I miss any adaptations?

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Supports on the entire robot, and bracing between the two arms

Also, did you make that motor central on the arm, it’ll great.y help with weight distribution (might be kinda bad with iq)

im still a bit weary on how to do that

Inbetween the two arm structures, you can house a motor. Attach it to one of the structures (left or right) and have gears travelling along the outside up to the claw shaft. Does that make sense?

Excuse my handwriting: image


Check out 5:12 in this video for a compound gear train that has a 15 to 1 ratio. They doubled each individual gear for strength. You can do it with single gears too if you want.


i tried to do 1:15 gear ratio but it didnt work for me