Robot question

I found this vid online and l really like the design.

Does any one know if the bot is outside of 18 by 18 by 18 parameter when picking up caps?


Can the ball launcher reach the top flag?

(All the questions are for the bot with the arm )

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You can see at 0:20 how the arm deploys and locks into position. When the arm is folded up, it’s within 18x18x18. After deploying, it looks like it’s outside of 18x18. But it’s still legal because it’s within the 36" expansion limit.

It looks like the launcher is tuned for the middle flag, but I’m sure they could have added more rubber bands and hit the top flag instead.

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If you look at a previous ri3d made by Cameron for in the zone, the same technique is used to lock in the bars to make the lift overall longer. Also, as Anomaly mentioned, you can also add or subtract rubber bands from their one shot catapult to help tune where the ball should hit.

I looked at their video and it was hard to understand the lock mechanism, could somebody explain it please


Can the bot be over 18 but under 36 horizontally when it is not in the expansion zone?


^For the second question, here’s <SG2>.

So, horizontally, the robot can have one direction that expands up to 36" in one horizontal direction. For example, if your robot was exactly 18"x18", the largest horizontal direction would be ~25.45 inches. The expansion zone plays no factor into your expansion horizontally. Vertically is restricted to touching the Expansion Zone.

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again if someone can understand the locking mechanism please explain. (slow it down to .25)

this is the itz ri3d reveal, dunno how the full mechanism works but there’s a piece of metal that’s most likely tensioned in a way that it is blocked by the arm but slips out and locks the first time the arm is extended

it would appear that the same motor that powers the lifting mechanism also causes the bot to “unravel”
but looking at the tp bot it looks like its tensioned with rubber bands and when you move the arm it unblocks some part that allows it to unravel

looking at 0:26 on the tp bot, it seems to just use gravity to unravel and the rubber bands are just guiding it
this is all speculative ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The part that will be extending and locking is tensioned in. The momentum of the robot moving + the tension shoots it up. When the part that needs to lock reaches its max height, a screw shoots through a piece of polycarb, locking it in place

@Sgarg14 if you go to their youtube channel there is a documentary on the Ri3D and it explains how it works a bit different robot same idea I think