Robot Questions Over Under

I was wondering about the pros and cons of some ideas for anybody who has knowledge of them
First, six wheel drive or four? would four wheels be better to cross the barrier? Does it matter at all?
Second, Six motor drive. Should we have a six motor drive for this competition, will it be worthwhile, or just stick to four?
Third, just something my team mentioned, would a catapult be the best option for “deploying” match loads. Or would something like a slingshot or an op indexer be better.
Forth, Duel purpose claw/lift. Would it be good to combine endgame and “intake” with a claw on a lift?
Lastly, is it good to plan build a robot under 12" to fit under the low bar? Just wondering.

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  1. 6 wheel drive or 4wheel drive depends on what you want. If you want a robor with a lower coefficient of friction aka more slidy and drifty robot use 6 wheels(slidy only applies if all wheels are omni wheels) if you want to run tractions in the middle to help prevent getting pushed then use 6wheels. If you don’t really care about either of those factors use 4wheels as it is lighter.

  2. Six motor drive is always a good choice. it will give you more pushing power and it will allow you to run a faster gear ratio and allows you to play aggresivley withought the worry of over heating

  3. For shooting the triballs i am not sure. but a good rule of thumb is the simplest system taht gets the job done is better. if i were you i would pick my shooter based on cycle time and ease of build.

  4. it is always a good idea to pair system together as it opens up motors for other use or allows you to have more motors on said system like last year alot of ppl did a 2mcata ratcheted to intake so they could have 2motor intake and 2motor cata givingin htem the benifits of a fast cycle cata and a fast torquey intake

  5. it is a good idea to build a robo that can go under that barrier since those are the easiest ways to cross to the other offensive zone and you matchload zone and score zones are on the opposite side


Solving these questions is the main point of the design notebook. These are challenges that all teams face and not every team will have the same answers, in the same way that different teams have different drivers and programs. In terms of each of these options, there is some information on the forum, you can use a cad model and test each of these. You can also build simple things, following the iterative design process. If it were as simple as me replying: you must go 6M 4W 450rpm etc., every team would have the same robot. Ask your driver, ask your programmer(s) and test, test, test. If you really don’t want to do that, wait for the meta to develop in August-September and copy it.


These are all good questions; hopefully you already have a list of pros and cons for each that your team can document and feed into the Design Process.

If you are willing to share your own list of pros and cons for these questions, others might be more willing to help than you asking for what seems to be other people doing your work for you.


I will suggest using 6 wheels on your base because I think it is better to have as much contact with the barrier as possible so that you don’t get stuck.
This game is also going to have a lot of traffic and you want to be able to get around and not lose time during your cycles which is why a 6m drive is rlly important.
Others MIght have other views on this game sine it just came out but that’s my observation.

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I just wanted a seemingly unbiased opinion (not really but, not opposing). I also wanted other peoples oppions to see what they, outside of my team think so I can have a better idea for the meta this year, rather than having a “low gene flow” bot. Thank you for the advice, I will use it next time!

I also think that 6 wheels are going to be beneficial for the barrier. As for 4 motor or 6 motor drive, it depends on how comfortable you are with building complex systems, if you are able to connect your drivetrain to your endgame, it will give you all the power you need to pull your robot up. If you are not able to build this I feel it would be better to do a 4 motor drivetrain so you can have more motors to allocate to endgame.

A 4m drive geared for speed would also work…

We use a six motor drive base, with each motor being 600rpm. This gives us more speed and torque compared to the 4 motor drive robots. Thus allowing us to push them around more easily and get to points on the field faster. It is also good for getting over the middle barrier.