Robot Ramp

What is the best angle for a robot ramp?

as shallow as you make it

13 degrees

If it levels off at the top, then it needs to be even shallower, maybe 5 -10 degrees. ( I use 10 degrees and it still has problems, now I’m redesigning it for 6-7 degrees) If it stays the same all the way up, then it can be steeper (10 - 15 degrees)

Just make sure the slope isn’t very steep.

I think most robots would be able to climb a ramp at up to 30degrees if they had enough ground clearance and a lower center of gravity. Mine at 18 pounds climbs an almost 45 degree ramp just because we don’t tip and we have .75" of ground clearance ( 1.25" if we remove one brace). Just try to make it a low angle and make sure that it has enough friction so wheels can grab onto it.

Thats not most teams then…

Lower than 20 would be prefered by our teams but we don’t have to worry about it

What lead you to that precise of an answer?