Robot Randomly started to move slow and burn out motors quickly

So, its been a while since state, and our robot performed fine with the drivetrain code and the motors would rarely get burnt out. We worked on spacing on our rear fourbar and PID tuning. After that week of tweaking, our robot barely gets around with 2 goals on its fourbars and starts to burn out the motors quicker. We did not tweak the drive code in anyway, nor did we make any major modifications. Our drivetrain is a speed motor on a 5:3 gear ratio which should give us an estimated 333rpm. We also have our braketype set to coast, and nowhere in our code does it use the hold brake on the drivetrain motors. Have any of you guys experienced this or have any suggestions as to why this happened?

Pictures would help a lot, have you checked for anything that’s gonna cause a ton of friction?

your problem here sounds like excess friction, a lack of torque, and maybe both.

pictures would certainly be helpful, as would knowing the size of the wheels, and the quantity of motors.