Robot rebooting all of a sudden mid match

Hello Everyone,

During this past thanksgiving break, we had a tournament and an issue that seemed to resolve itself occurred. During a qualification match the robot just powered off, after a couple of seconds it came back on. This has been at the back of my mind for a while and I can’t think of why this happened. At first I thought we had reached the batteries 20 amp max output, but then I remembered that Vex U teams use the same brain and battery and with a lot more motors. I managed to find the battery we used for that match and ran the battery medic tool on it and nothing unusual came up on it either. The battery itself was also brand new, so take of that what you will. I understand that this isn’t much to go off of, but thanks in advance. If this happens again and the worse happens where it decides that outcome of a match, I would be pretty mad at myself that investigate and attempt to find out what happened.

Thanks again!

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An intermittent battery connector sounds most likely. Do you remember if you bumped into anything at the point the robot turned off ? Were you able to just restart the program and continue with the match ?


That is a total possibility, I think I can find the match footage somewhere. That being said our battery isn’t in the most accessible place and even to replace it with a new one it can take a little while. And yes, we were able to start the program and continue on with the match

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