Robot restarts randomly during matches

My team has been having some issues where our robot will stop during a match and restart the code from the beginning. This includes the pre-autonomous and results in us having to wait for the robot to reinitialize the gyroscope which takes a few seconds.

We don’t really know exactly what is causing this to happen, but it tends to happen when the robot is making large movements, for example, lifting stars and turning at the same time. But othertimes the robot could simply be driving forward and the same bug will appear. This has been detrimental towards our robots performance and has plagued us pretty much since the start of the season.
Any ideas?

Note. I have read the other thread called “Cortex Randomly reboots” but this issue is not related to IMEs because it occurred before we had any on the robot

The question of the year: are you using IMEs on any of your motors, but especially the drive motors?

Also are you using a LCD Display.

We had the issue even before using IMEs but currently there is one on the robot. And there is no LCD display.

Is your 9v battery new?

Is your vex key in right

It’s been taped in place so the robot wouldn’t lose connection.

Ok so what are you doing when it restarts?

Have you tried switching your 9 volt battery?

If you are using old batteries or low batteries without the 9v, you can brown out if you put too much of a load on the batteries. We used to use some NiCd batteries, but they were so old they would drop in reading really bad under a load.

It happens in general even without a 9v battery

Could be anything. The robot isn’t under that much load when it occurs. The motors don’t burn out or trip any breakers the robot just stops.

Your battery connection is probably bad. We had to hot glue out battery wires to the socket on the battery so they don’t come out. I will post a picture later.

Did you do that to all of your batteries? Also, is that legal?

Are you using a battery extender?

its just to hold the wires from coming out of the holster that the battery connects to the cortex. And yes i am.

Yes I use extenders for the power expander and Cortex.
But the issue isn’t the batteries because the robot never loses connection with the joystick throughout the process it just restarts the code.

Check ur battery wires and cables that connect ur battery wires, they might be shorted or not going all the way into the cable connectors

It could be your 9 volt because if it is low then it will send a message to the brain that the robot is dead. Try running your robot without a 9 volt. If the problem persists then re-upload your program to both your robot and controllers.

I concur. We never use a 9-volt as it caused problems for us like what OP says,