Robot Reveal Songs

Our team recently qualified for worlds last week, I am currently rebuilding a few things, but I wanted to do a reveal, but don’t know what song to use. Any ideas?


the home depot song.


Is that YouTube licensed? If so it would be perfect.

That snail is fast would especially apply to those huge heavy tank bots.

Flight by Tristan and Braken
great dubstep song that would make a good robot reveal

from Turbo?
20 Chars

(20 characters, yeah)

There’s no such thing.


What do you propose then?

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Yes, please share with us what songs you would use oh wise DRow. (Back in Black wouldn’t be bad, unless it is copyrighted).

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You can often use copyrighted songs for these sorts of things. You’re not monetizing anything or intending to make any thing.


This. As long as you don’t care about an ad playing before your video.

Some of my previous works for FIRST stuff

Robowranglers 2017: Rogue - YouTube - Unstoppable, by The Score
Robowranglers 2018: Uppercut - YouTube - Champion, by Barns Courtney
Robowranglers Season Recap 2018: Uppercut - YouTube - Everything Black, by Unlike Pluto
Robowranglers 2019: Overhang - YouTube - Stomp Me Out, by Bryce Fox
Robowranglers Season Recap 2019: Overhang - YouTube - The Real Thing, by Cook Classics
Robowranglers Season Recap 2020: Revolver - YouTube The Champion, by The Score
Robowranglers 2022: Quickdraw - YouTube - Hands Up, by Ohana Bam


The only proper song to have for a reveal. If you know the song then you can easily make the reveal go along with it super well via the filming and editing techniques you use.

Idea for if anyone wants to use this: For this year something that would go really well to the song would be starting with a double park (if you have a sister team that can do it with you) or a solo park, with as many goals as you can carry, but only show the bot(s) getting onto the platform, not it actually balancing. Then do the rest of the normal reveal stuff that you wanted to do, then at the end/the peak of the song, have it switch back to the park with a suspension breaking and fast paced edit that shows the park right as it balances, then a zoom out to black and then to your logo. I’m making a reveal soon and I’ll probably use this if you want an example.

Just go to NCS songs and pick one. They have many choice’s and they are copyright free. Also some Rarin songs will do the work as well, he is a rapper and he allows any one to use the song without having copyright.

A team that’s good at scoring rings I beg of you :pray: