Robot Reveals

Just curious, who is planning on doing a robot reveal?

If we make it to worlds we may do a reveal :slight_smile:
No promises though, I’m not that great at making videos look very good

I’m planning on doing one before the end of the month, I just have to get the robot working really well first. It wasn’t quite up to… erm… reveal standards. My PID was broken and so was my compression. :stuck_out_tongue:
Got to perfect the lift as well.

Our team will be making one for the U.S. Open and hopefully Worlds (we will find out this weekend :)). Some of the other teams in our club will be making them as well.

I’ll probably get a reveal made once our robot is built. I just don’t know whether our robot will be done a good week or so before state or the night before state :stuck_out_tongue:

If I make it to worlds, I’d reveal my robot, but it would only be the week before worlds. I am doing a complete rebuild after States because my robot was good earlier this year, but lacks proper infielding capability and the launcher has too much overhead, so it physically can’t keep up with lower powered flywheels and how much torque they can muster.

We should be

We’re planning on one. It will probably be video game themed or something (I have some ideas for it :))

Pretty good idea for NbN since you can do stuff like 360 no scopes and hit markers every time a ball goes in. :stuck_out_tongue:

360 is going to release a reveal video, yet I haven’t decided on whether it will be pre-worlds or post-worlds. Regardless, we’ll have some cool material for everyone. Looking forward to all of them this year :slight_smile:

We will probably at least do pictures. I have no video editing skills whatsoever, but I can only learn by experience, right?

It’s really quite simple. I just use iMovie on my iPad and it usually comes out looking pretty good.

I bought Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 a few years ago for like $40. It had a learning curve, but I learned it by experience.
The only problem is that my computer at home is cheap (less than $300) and not very fast (Minecraft runs at 30 fps or so).

Pssh, Apple products. :slight_smile:

(Please don’t start a flame war. It’s not worth it. I’m just joking.)

I might get my team to do one before Worlds, but State is March 12, and after that, we all have little side projects if we don’t qualify for Worlds or will work on a lift if we do make it. If the lift and/or side projects (e.g. a rubber band fan) are done early enough, we will, but don’t hold your breath.

We will do one a week or so before worlds. I have been begging my teammates to do one for 8000, but we have never had the time :frowning: Hopefully we an this year.

We will do our preworld reveal around a weak before worlds, that is of we make it.

We may or may not do one. Everyone else’s robots being amazing makes us self-conscience of ours. Stupid peer pressure. We may do one after regionals on March 5-6, as we will not be going to Worlds even if we qualify, which we most likely will.

I don’t think you should worry about others’ robots being better. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished throughout the season, even if you weren’t the best team there is. If reveals were only for the best robot, there’d be just one.

I was kind of joking but you’re still right. My teammate just doesn’t want to.