Robot Reveil 1200F Z-FENCE

Our team 1200F will be attending the nationals competition coming up pretty soon so we wanted to get some info of our bot out for you guys to check out, tell us what you think!

Robot Layout.

-six omni wheels powered by 4 369 motors internally geared for speed. Back wheels are direct driven separate from front wheels. Front wheels are chained together with middle wheels.


  • combination of side suckers with tread. Side suckers are used to better intake the game pieces, treads are used to pass the game pieces back to the side suckers to outtake more efficiently. They are powered by two two wire 269 motors.
    -capacity of six game objects

-dual linear chain lifts powered by four two wire 269 motors.

-pneumatic flip down descorer
-8 working autonomous modes
-one driver
-able to score on all goals

We’ve been fairly successful in competitions with this robot, we have only been to two tournaments. We only lost one qualification match in the last two tournaments. The first tournament of 24 teams we won. The second tournament with two divisions and 64 teams we lost in the finals to 1200 A syntax error. Video coming soon!

Wow, nice to see an original design :). So I assume you score all of the goals out the front of the ramp, rather than out the back? Any reasoning behind this? (other than the larger object capacity). Also, I’m looking forward to the video to see how fast the lift is, and just the speed of the robot in general.

Just out of interest, do you prefer interaction zone or isolation zone with this robot?

Thank you! We wanted to go out and make something different from some of the more common designs this year. But to go back to your question its like you guessed, we wanted to hold the extra objects so we have the expanding back instead of scoring out of the back. Well obviously what we choose depends on our partner for the match and their strengths, but we prefer the isolation zone on a regular basis.

Very interesting design, like Telemascope said, an original one! I’m really interested in the placement of the VEXnet key. Is that temporary or just a strange angle that makes it seem like it’s just exposed at the back? Love the pneumatic descorer, any plans for other uses of pneumatics? Seems like a lot of weight for just descoring! Thanks for the reveal!

I believe its attached to the number plate. Fairly exposed, but to avoid metal it sort of has to be. The angle does make it look like its sitting out the back though, is that what you meant?

Yeah that’s what I assumed, but it still looks very exposed. We usually don’t have too many problems with the key-near-metal connectivity problems, but it seems like any robot’s arm could easily hit that by accident and cause irreparable damage :open_mouth:

I have competed with this bot at 2 competitions this year, and it is one of the most unique, well built, and well driven bots I’ve seen. Its high capacity and inability to drop objects out of the back is awesome.

Plus they have really good autonomi.

Watch out for this bot if you’re going to Nationals!

Good luck guys, I hope you dominate!

nice robot guys!!! you really should explain your lift a little better. the lift is really cool.

Yah, like the most unique lift I’ve ever seen

We have the vexnet key mounted off of the team plate becuase we were dropping vexnet prettyfrequently, after moving it to the team plate we havent had vex net issues anymore. This picture may be a little misleading but the key is NOT exposed to damage at all, we’ve participated in over 20 matches without any problems.

Thanks for the input guys, we’re pretty proud of this bot. Keep giving suggestions please :slight_smile:

explain your lift to everyone!

but brunn, its a secret

Looks like you have made some great/awesome changes since Wildstang Regional!

The matches I have seen you in are really awesome!

I am really looking forward to seeing you guys at Nationals.

Good luck.

Fantastic robot guys. I love it! Great intake! I love it

Are you guys able to eat objects lodged in corners? I can’t tell from the picture, but it looks like your drivetrain might be too large for your intake to reach into corners.

If yes, are you able to do it without the side rollers mounted on the treads?

If also yes. how? :confused:

What success has the team had at previous competitions Z-FENCE has gone to? Great design, nice execution. Your lift looks interesting. I"m going to go out on a limb here and suggest what your lift might be :smiley:

  It seems as though their are two towers that have a chain lift. (no extending of the lift, simply raising it to as high as the chain is) This probably raises the intake to about 17" or so. Then the intake angles upward, reaching 35".

  I'm not sure exactly if that is it, but it's my best guess. Nice robot!!! :)

okay so originally we planned on using two chain lifts, one on either side of our bot, and intake through the front, and outtake through the back. After checking out some other successful bots and going to different competitions we decided that having a large capacity was going to be a huge advantage, so instead of only being able to hold 4/3 objects depending on how they were orientated, we redesigned. Basically our intake is mounted to the two lift towers using two turn table pieces, so it is free turning. At the back of the intake we have a rope that is attached to our chasis. As the chain lifts raises, the angle of the intake shifts untill it reaches full height. (roughly 32 in) Becuase having the rope in the back of the bot cuases the intake to tilt back to an almost vertical position, we used rubber bands to counter the rope. When you lower/raise the lift the angle slowly changes instead of only having two postions, fully tilted up, and fully tilted down. any questions?

Great design! Team 40J near us has a similar lift concept but it is an elevator with a four-bar mounted on it rather than the pivot. It is very effective and different from the masses of 6-bars (like ours).

When a piece is logded completely in a corner, our intake struggled to straight out intake it :confused: But we’ve found that it’s easy enough to use our chasis to push the piece out of the corner and then intake it. It may seem like a lot of work to go through to intake one piece but when you do it right it really only takes a second or two!