Robot Scoring Question

It states in the rules that a robot touching cubes in the goal zone are not scored. If a robot is touching a cube in a tower, and the cube in the tower reaches below the red line, is it scored?

Yes it is, as long as the cube is below the placing line it is placed, regardless of anything else unless you place it in your opponents alliance tower.

Edit: placed not scored, scored cubes are in the corner. My bad


It is “placed.” Scored cubes are in the corners.


You may have forgot the note under Game Definitions:

Note: Only one (1) Cube can be Placed in each Tower.If multiple Cubes meet the definition of Placed for
a single Tower, then neither one is considered Placed.

meaning if there is a cube on top of a cube in a tower, neither count


Actually, the top cube wouldn’t count as placed and therefore the bottom cube still counts.
This rule only applies if you manage to wedge two cubes under the line


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