Robot Setup at the begining of the match

Can anyone answer a question for me? Are we allowed to setup the robot directly in front of the tower, if it is behind the white line, not touching any grey foam tiles outside of the home zone, and its not touching another ball, but the rollers would be very close to the bottom ball thats in the tower. and from the cameras view it looks like its touching, but it isnt if you were to look closer, so it follows all the qualifications for the setup per rule SG1,This is for LRT’s. i can post pictures if needed


The rules don’t say you can’t therefore you can.


thank you for answering me, i appreciate it

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I’m going to use the picture you provided in Discord.

While the setup in this picture is completely legal, you should keep in mind that the bottom ball will not realistically always be set up like that, although it is for LRT so you could probably get away with pushing it back when you’re setting the field up.


yes, if you look you will see that the ball isnt contacting the grey foam tiles, and not touching that bottom red ball. But if you were to look from the cameras point of veiw that the refs look at, they might think its touching the ball.

To expand upon the answer offered by 9MotorGang and Taran, the applicable rule in this case is SG1.

Snapshot taken of the game manual Taran linked:


As you laid out in the OP, the robot setup meets all of those conditions, so that setup would be legal.

While the starting position would be legal, it’s hard to determine how the referees would respond to that in a LRT.

If I were making a suggestion, I wouldn’t rely on this feature for your autonomous.


ok thank you, @trontech569 @Yuanyang1727G

I’m sure you could build a simple kickstand on the back of your bot to be further back from the goal for in person matches.

In a normal season, if this were in-person events, you probably should not be repositioning game objects so your autonomous mode works… But this is not a normal season.

TronTech appreciate pointing out referees have the authority to resolve issues regarding game element initial setup, it is not at the discretion of the team putting their robot on the field. Their interaction with game objects is typically limited to pre-load elements.

Again, this is not a “normal season”.