Robot "sideplates"

How does everyone else make their huge sideplates that they use on their robot? The ones like GER used last year at Worlds, or the ones WASABI used at the Washington VRC Championship? I have Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and MS paint to use, I guess GIMP also, but I don’t like that interface as much. Our teams, (4886) would love to have plates this year to have our sponsors and team name. Thanks!

Well first you need to measure out the dimensions and how much stuff you are planning to put on. Then use some graphic design or word and make an outline of the dimensions then fit everything you want to put in the space. Then you can print it out at kinkos where they can laminate it for you or you can print it yourself on cardstock or put it on cardboard.

How do I make the dimensions in Word??? I’m beating there is a youtube video of it somewhere.

if you take a picture of where you want them to go, looking straight on at it, you can trace around where you want them to go, then use a bit of experimentation to find the scale. If you want, you can post a pic and I’ll make them to your liking :slight_smile: .

Hi @StimpNz

Here is the picture and i also would be very grateful if you scale it though please:

Okay! I’ll get a picture of it today! :smiley:

i am almost against sideplates because it makes it harder to see the inside of your robot! but they do look sweet!

Out team usually uses velcro so that we can rip them off when we need to work on our robot. Also, the guy who does ours makes them in Gimp, because its free.

Technically the side plates wouldnt really get in the way of looking inside of ur robot if you put ur sideplates on ur chasie.

i mean we use side shields but sometimes its hard to see doesn’t velcro make it stick out to much?

Oddly enough, we put large panels of anti slip mat with metal frames on the sides of our robot, and then decided that we should put side panel decorations on top of them.

Paint.NET works. Just find/make image files of all the logos and names you want on the panel and arrange them in Word. I think you can change the page size if 11x8.5 is too small, but I’m not so sure of that.

We were planning to do this as well. The last thing we would want would be for it to get in the way.