Robot sizes

My team is working on building a lifting bot, but the one caveat with our design is that it can only lift robots that are a maximum of 12 inches wide. My question how many of you have robots built using 12 inch metal instead of 18 inch metal, and that are completely self contained.

Take a look at this poll that I posted recently asking your same question. It looks like most robots are over 12 inches wide. And being compatible with robot widths from 12 to 17 inches will be difficult this year. My robot is 14 inches wide at the wheels and has a ramp to support up to 15- 16 inches wide.

I see it definately being needed to lift robots over 12 in wide…

Our robot at the moment is 17 inches wide from wheel to wheel.

Another team at our school is building a ramp and they are fitting for slightly over 12 inches to 17.5 inches wide to cover a wide range of drives.

Just something to think about