Robot Skills and Programing Skills High Score

What is the highest robot skills score and programing skills score that you have gotten or seen. It does not have to be official, just be honest. There are no scores on yet.

Whats the matter? Has no one done skills yet? I just wanted to know cause I have a competition this weekend and have a goal to shoot for.

right now:

Driver: 65pts (i think, not quite sure that was just like 2 hours of experimenting with routes)

Programing: 54pt (if everything works, i usually get at least 44pts)

What have you guys gotten or seen?

Out first competitions are in November. We’re not done building yet. Most people aren’t.

And we haven’t even started on the Programming Skills yet. The only coding project at the moment that we’re working on is something in EasyC.

We haven’t really done any skill yet, but had about 5 attempt a few weeks ago and scored between 80 and 90 (86 I think was the high score?). As Ephemeral_Being said, not many people are that far developed in their robots yet and let alone practiced (like I said, we have only done like 5 in practice or so) - so the scores people have been gettings wouldn’t be that good of an indicator of the scores at the end of the year, but still interesting to hear how people are doing :slight_smile:

Nice work on the 65! Thats a fair amount of points this year :slight_smile: be sure to keep us updated :slight_smile:

Singapore Vex Robotics Championship…

Driver Skills - 94
Programming Skills - 55 (I think)

But all these scores were done quite early in the season.
As Jacko said, be prepared for better high scores, etc.

Drive Skill:94
Program Skill:68-72
use the skeleton robot:D

Thanks for the replys everyone. I was pretty impressed with the scores that were mentioned.

And I will keep you guys updated, First competition is this weekend, I am excited :smiley: