Robot Skills and Programming Skills Tie Breakers

We are interested in knowing how ties at skills competitions are going to be handled.

If two teams have the same score… will you go on to their second biggest score? What happens if one of them only did 1 run because they reached their cap score while the other team performed several runs? If a team did only 1 run and another team performed 3 runs and all 3 runs tied the 1 run of the other team?

Ties are handled as specified in the VEX Highrise Game Appendix. I’ve quoted the pertinent section below.

Consider the following scenario:

Team A: 432, 432, 288
Team B: 432, 432, 288. 144

These teams are tied on their three highest scores. However Team B has a 4th highest score of 144, while Team A does not have a 4th highest score. As such the advantage would go to Team B,