Robot Skills Match Limit

As per the official rules:

If I understand correctly, the number of robot skills matches a team can participate in a single tournament is not decided beforehand however, a team can participate in multiple attempts at the robot skills in different competitions to try and improve your score?

Also, I couldn’t find anywhere in he rules where it stated how many teams would the robot skills challenge qualify for the worlds championships and how it works as in if 15 teams are qualified, is it the top 15 in that region/province/country/internationally?

Thank you

Hello, thanks for posting your questions. Your first question, regarding the number of skills challenge matches each team can receive at an event, can be answered simply by stating that Event Partners, in concert with their REC Foundation Regional Support Managers, will determine the minimum and maximum number of skills matches per team. They may not be able to provide a firm commitment on that number until the day of the competition (after all teams check-in). Yes, teams can enter as many competitions as they choose and can continue to improve their skills challenge scores throughout the season. There is no limit on the number of skills challenge attempts per team throughout the season. Finally, each state/provincial/regional championship will qualify different numbers of teams to their championship events, based upon total event capacity. For the World Championship, we will be taking the top 30 Programming and Robot Skills scores. Please let me know if any further clarification is needed. Good luck this season!