Robot Skills/Programming Skills

Do we start with 2 pre-loads like a regular match when we attempt Robot Skills/Programming Skills?

2 preloads and 4 matchloads, and when you say autonomous is that programming skills? BTW just check the handbook next time. Let’s try to be less lazy :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I mean programming.

well my team is definitely planning on going fo 10+ so i would reccomend that to everyone. Its certainly feasible if you have a moderately well built robot with a decent design. In fact, to achieve 10+ all you would have to do is pick up the doubler and then dump all of you match loads and preloads into one goal

This poll needs more options. 10+ is an appropriate score to aim for for 20 second. It’s a given for 1 minute if you want to be competing at the highest level.

+1 And if you are competing at the HIGHEST level you will most likely need a perfect score. lol

i wonder how they will determine the winner at worlds if multiple robots get the max score
its not too hard to get max score this year i think
as opposed to last years all tubes + high hang

Maybe by consistency? Just a guess

If multiple teams get the same amount, they will (should) base the winner off consistency.

I agree it is easy to score more than 10. Or all in fact.

Here’s a quotation from the Programming Skills competition manual. I’m pretty sure we won’t have a tie, but I guess if two teams are so consistent as to get a perfect score every time, there are no tie breakers to prevent it ending in a tie.

“For each Programming Skills Match teams are awarded a score based on the above scoring rules.
• Teams will be ranked based on their highest Programming Skills Match score, with the team with the highest
score being declared the Programming Skills Challenge Winner.
• In the case where two teams are tied for the highest score, the tie will be broken by looking at both teams’
next highest Programming Skills Match score.
• If the tie cannot be broken (i.e. both teams have the exact same scores for each Programming Skills Match),
the next tie-breakers will be based on the following criteria in each team’s highest scoring Programming
Skills Match. The tie-breakers are as follows (in order):
o Number of Bonus Points earned
o Number of Doubler Barrels Scored
o Number of Barrels Scored
o Number of Balls Scored
• If the tie still isn’t broken, events may choose to allow teams to have one more deciding match or both teams
will be declared the winner.”

Hm, if event organizers for World’s see a lot of teams getting perfect scores, they might want to arrange for multiple skills trophies to hand out for ties.

In the college challenge, there are 22 Gobs available without touching the wall, and the autonomous time is 1 minute with both robots.
A mostly unopposed college team could potentially get bonus points in 8 goals, plus these 22 Gobs, for an autonomous total of 30 points.
Both teams could agree to not interfere with each other or score in opposing goals, to get a 27 to 27 tie.

These are good goals to aim for, for college teams.
Once you can do that, you can look for going after the wall.

I wonder how they are going to do that. Maybe by consistency, or something like that. :confused: