Robot Skills Qualifying Threshold for VEX Worlds 2017

For this year, teams having a top 50 Robot Skills score on March 13th of 2017 will qualify for VEX Worlds directly. As of this posting, the magic number (aka the 50th-highest score) for that qualification is 48. That number will obviously rise as March 13th approaches. I’m curious as to where that score probably will end up being on March 13th. Any ideas on that?

I’d put money on teams getting perfects by the end of the year, at least in driver skills. Their programming skills will probably be really close to perfect too, though. The only real difficult is knocking the stars off the fence into the far zone, and time, but both of those can be over come.

As the time goes on, teams will start getting perfects on the driver part of Robot Skills and close to perfect on programming, so I would say that by the cut off date the amount of points required for the Top 50 will be in the 70’s-90’s

Isn’t 76 the highest possible score?

@Aponthis Yeah, but I thought Robot Skills was Driver and Programming mixed together. As such, wouldn’t that make the highest Robot Skills score 152?

Correct me if I am wrong about something.

Right, I thought you meant that in a single run the maximum scores would be in the 70’s to 90’s. If you mean the combined score will be there, I’m going to strongly disagree with you. It will be much higher. In fact, it’s already higher for the top teams and the cutoff will match that.

I didn’t mean that the highest scores will be in that range. I meant that the cutoff to be in the top 50 will be in that range. However, after looking at the current range, I have to revise my cutoff range to be from 90 to 110.

I understand. I’m just saying, if there are already scores well above that, the cutoff will be higher than you said.

Considering that pearl city scored 101 points back in the first week of October, skills cores are going to be really high, and probably peak mid season rather than at the end of the season. Something to note about pearl city’s skills score is that they scored 64 points in the driver portion, and if all of the fence stars fall into the near zone (it would be very, very difficult for a team to get these into the far zone) then the highest possible score for this portion is 66. This means that the driver skills portion was 2 points away from being maxed out in one of the first competitions in the world.

Was searching around for the top skills score link. Found it now.

Does anyone know of a way to filter skills by region like last year ?

Not currently implemented

I wish would come back. Come on @nallen01, save us!

ok, doing some quick(ish) math, i came up with a total of 87 points, even though that may change. the reason i came up wiht this number is the number that gained entry into worlds last year, was the percentage of points that gained in last year, because on driver skills (which was teh better of the two)
came up with a total of 350/570 (without hang) points, considering that we have 144 points available to us (that)*(the percentage of points for entry last year)=(number of points per entry this year)

that was jsut using mathematics though, i actually predict it’ll be much higher