Robot Skills Standings now appear

I do not know if I missed this, but you can now see the Robot Skills Standings on RobotEvents.

World Skills Standings

Great news! Can’t sort yet, but awesome to have it up.

It’s a good step. Looks like de-duping is not quite done either. Same team listed twice in multiple spots on the list. And same number & letter for two different divisions. I did not think that was allowed. But better than not having it!

I forget, did the previous listing tell the event that the score took place too?

Qualification for VEX Worlds Top 50
Why not 60?

EDIT: Wait, last year was top 30 in each right?

I can’t find any way to see how much of the score is from programming skills.

I second that.

The standings are for combined driver and programming skills runs. This will be used to determine the top 50 to give invites to Worlds.

I am confused about the divisions. In the column showing grade level, most indicate high school and middle school, but some are showing as elementary school. I did not realize there was an elementary school division for VRC.

Actually, it makes sense to have it as 50 rather than 60. Due to some schools being in the top 30 in both programming and robot skills (now called driver skills) it was likely that they did not give more than 50 spots through skills in prior years. 60 would have been the max, but it would have been possible for it to only be 30. It was likely close to 50. It will be much easier to plan now, knowing exactly how many spots are being filled through skills.

Yes, obviously.
I just want to know what the split score is without having to track down the competition in robotevents.

that makes sense

In China elementary students also do VEX EDR

True, that happens sometimes in the US too, but elementary teams are usually registered as MS teams. Maybe the elementary scores are from IQ teams? If so, robot events has some huge problems to fix.

From the Event Partner Summit this summer, this was discussed. The most teams that actually qualified out of the 30 Programming and 30 Robot Skills in past years was about 47 and most years it was below that. Of course that, doesn’t include those teams that had qualified for Worlds through their State/Regional Championship which would make the number that actually received invitations solely through Skills even smaller (and the new set up won’t effect that anyway). So the number of 50 for the combined does possibly represent a small increase rather that an decrease.

My first thought is that is what they were doing. I just looked at the IQ scores and they show high school teams. The two lists (IQ and VRC) are very different, though.

When team register, they register team grade level and there is no elementary for VRC or high school for IQ.

Something is very wrong. I would not trust these results yet.