"Robot Skills" Stop times clarification?

Hi all,

I just had a quick question about how the rankings work with stop times:

If a team gets 252 score with driver stop time of 3 seconds, but in the next tournament they also get 252 score with driver stop time of 2 seconds, will the driver stop time stay as 3 seconds or will it become 2 seconds? A few teams seem to have dropped in their driver stop times from what they had before, but the column is labeled as “Highest Driver Stop Time” so I was confused.


PS: I know the robot skills appendix says the stop time from your highest scoring skills run, but if they are both 252 when there is no differentiation between “highest” run, how does it work?

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Even though they are both the highest possible skills score runs, the run with 3 seconds left is the better run as you finished earlier. The driver stop time should stay at 3 seconds, as that is your best run.


So if a team with 252 originally had a higher driver/programming stop time, and the leaderboard now shows a lesser stop time, this is a mistake on the leaderboard?

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I would think so. I’m not too sure why it wouldn’t show your best stop time, but I’m also not sure who to ping to check that.

I’ll try to find out who should be asked about it, but would appreciate if anyone else here (in the forum) knows who to ping/ask.


I do believe it is a mistake also… I think there are 2 gliches in the scoring of skills stop time.
By my understanding of how world rankings are, it is the “highest score’s best stop time” in that part.( programing and driver are seperate)

For instance if one score 126driver with a 10 second stop time , and a 100 programming with a 4 secend stop time,

then at the next event score a 126 with a 6 second stop time, while scoring a 123 programming with a 0 second stop time.

The ranking would be
126 ----- 10 sec stop time.
123 ----- 0 sec stop time.

However this is not how ( in my case, this has been scored.)

Glich 1.
If 2 scores are entered into the scoring system of Equal point value, but differing stop times that are not 0.
For instance
126 — 2 second stop time.
126 — 9 secend stop time.
The score that has a stop time ( not zero) enered in first will be the new stop time ,
Only if the new total point score( including programming ) is more, or equal to the previous score.
So of 126 with 2 second stop time is endered before 126 with 9 second stop time, with both scored at same event,
The world rankings will show 2 seconds
Such scenario has happened to me and is hopefully going to be able to be resolved.

Glich 2 if you score a higher point value score than before the stop time will be overwritten in driver, with driver point value the same.
Meaning the " best driver skills stop time" can go down with point value staying the same
( also has happened to me : )

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