Robot Skills Strategy

It’s pretty late in the season now, and skills scores are pretty high. In the UK, we have not had an event with skills yet but the first is coming up next week.

I was just wondering if there is a good strategy for getting a high skills score?

If it helps, our robot is a reverse claw, 5 star capacity, 1 cube, 2stars and a cube. It doesn’t hang

You’re going to want to plan a routine in advance. Practice multiple routines, and figure out what works best. Think of what dumps can knock stars off the fence, etc.

Many teams with dump bots drive back and forth between the starting tile and the fence to dump the driver loads - two cubes and stars. It’s also pretty easy to knock the stars off of the fence in the process.

The rest gets complicated as it has to do with navigating the field.

I would suggest trying to do stars first and cubes last. cubes have a habit of getting in the way of stars, keeping them in the near zone when you toss the cubes over first.

If you can hang be aware of the time and when you have to go and hang. If you get caught up doing something else you can easily run out of time to hang.

if you want to be competitive in skills get a hang :P. On a more serious note plan what dumps knock which stars of the fence. Be strategic in your placement of game objects, i.e. cubes get in the way of stars. Practice your exact routine over and over again, so it is almost muscle memory. Lastly, get a consistent relatively high scoring autonomous. Even with a perfect drivers score you will need a 20+ programming skills run to stay in the top 50 through the end of the season.

A competitive skills run should pretty much have at least 70+ based off the current rankings. You definitely want a solid auton for this so I’d check into a rerun program or find someway to clear the filed in auton