Robot Skills Team 2527A (The Five)

Ok, let me begin. Team 2527A (The Five) scored 287 in robot skills Nov. 1 at the CORE 2062 High School VEX Challenge. They stayed in one square while shooting all 64 match loads, instead of moving to the other side to shoot. I know this because of the thread here :
the only tourney competing that day was the CORE 2062 High School VEX Challenge.
And it doesnt make sense that they scored that high and only got 142 for programming.
Is the score “287” going to stay or not?

I am not calling 2527A out for cheating. I just want to know if the score will stay official.

It actually does make sense since in programming skills you cannot adjust the flywheel speed or direction if it starts missing.

yea you are right. but still that is a big difference

Mabel they don’t have much time tuning the program/ or a good programmer.

ok you guys are not answering my question

I think that it was already answered in this thread:

oh ok thx I didnt see that thread. but karthik never said he is gonna take them down. idk

I think what has happened previously is that RECF got in touch with the event partners and if they can confirm that the score didn’t happen then it is removed from the system. That takes time, and there’s nothing to be lost by being patient :p.

It’s a bit more complicated here though. Allegedly, the score did happen but the team (unwittingly) broke the rules and were not disqualified as they should have been. That would seem to fall under rule T01:

(emphasis in the manual)

If this were a match then the decision (no DQ) would stand. I don’t know of any rule saying that skills works differently. To the best of my knowledge, there’s a pretty big difference rules-wise between a skills run that was entered incorrectly and a skills run where a reef should have called a DQ but didn’t.

I agree with spackledackle that this doesn’t seem like a good situation, buy that’s how I would interpret the rules as they currently stand.

Edit: Of course, Karthik has rules superpowers and maybe he can choose to use his superpowers to overrule T01. Or maybe RECF can come to a solution consistent with the current rules whereby the score is official but can’t earn the team a Worlds invite, and if an invite would have been given it goes to #31 instead.

For those still curious about what scores will be taken down, i emailed a RECF regional representative (i think that’s what they are called) and he stated that they would review the scores and contact event managers to reconsider the legality of certain scores. The score by the team the FIVE may be deemed valid or invalid, we will just have to wait and find out over the next few weeks. Im assuming that seeing as it was technically illegal, they will remove it, but again it is up to their discretion :slight_smile: