Robot slightly turning during auton

Hello I’m trying to code my robots auton for worlds for vex tipping point we redid parts of our robot so we had to change the auton. The first thing it does is to go for one of the shorter neutral goals, but when it drives towards it and stops, it slightly turns, messing it up from grabbing the goals. This hasn’t happened before and we have replaced and checked the wheels, shafts, and gears on the drivetrain, but it’s still turning slightly. We have an inertial sensor so it’s not drifting, but it is overturning. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. (Btw I’m coding in block code).

Can you show us your code?

Right now I really don’t have anything because I’ve been trying to fix the problem because I want the auton as consistent as possible, but what it does is sets the motor locks and drive velocities, then its supposed to drive and grab the goal, but after the drive forward, it kind of abruptly stops and kind of turns a little to the left or right and mess up the grabbing of the goal.

I think you need to set drive stoping to break because right now its on coast which means it will continue rolling even after it meets the requirements.

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