Robot speed challenge (standardised) thread

This thread is going to be a place where you can post your videos and comment about the standard early season speed challenge I have designed. Here’s how it goes, you start your robot wherever you like next to the driver control loading station, you may place a mobile goal anywhere you like near the loader as well. The mobile goal must be placed at least 6" (six inches) away from robot at the start. The robot must also fit within a 18" cube before you can begin. You then have 30 seconds to stack as many cones as possible from the auto loader. My field kit hasn’t arrived yet, so I cannot participate yet, but everyone else feel free to post a video of your robot stacking cones. Good luck!

Here’s my thoughts
So if you don’t carry the mobile goal you can put it as close to your robot as you want? That doesn’t seem right.

Stacking from the autoloader with one mobile goal for 30 seconds isn’t very realistic in a match.

Since a lot of people don’t have fields yet and I assume this is meant as more of a sunner challenge, it seems the cones should be picked up off the floor. I guess people can simulate the autoloader pretty easily, but that would cause more inconsistency between people’s setups

I think just any way you can get 5 cones the fastest should be satasfactory.
No restrictions

I worded that wrong, Derp.

With cones randomly on the ground, there is a lot of variation with how they are placed across all the participants, using the auto loader makes it much more consistent, and with the time limit of 30 seconds, it allows more robots to have a chance, due to the fact that if we set it to be, for example, time it takes to stack 10 cones, early robots that can’t lift that high can’t compete.

I think that by making it time based, more cones can be stacked and therefore, the speed of your lift starts to become relevant

@antichamber if your going to make it 30 seconds long it’s just going to end up being half of our skills runs

Which is why this is for early season, near end and mid season bots will probably stack all driver control loads in 15 seconds
Also, it’s “you’re” not “your”

We gotta grade A grammar nazi on our hands here.
But I’m still a fan of the previous challenge people have already been doing, it keeps the videos shorter and it is already in use


I’ve deleted a duplicate post.

How about we just do the skills challenge? If you want to keep it smaller, make it 15 seconds or 30 seconds. Rules are standardized and all grey area can be answered by the one true God Karthik.

Seems legit

Because we don’t have room for a full field at school or home

Make it close to a skills field. Approximate distances and place cones accordingly. No ones going to care that much if your floor has perfect friction and if your scoring objects are off it really doesn’t matter. Plan which scoring objects to use on the skills field and you only need those. If you don’t have a cone post or something necessary just get a bit more creative