Robot spining during autonomous

our bot is spinning durring autonomous and wont stop untill its over

Going to need a weeeeeeee bit more information.

What coding environment are you using? VexCode (blocks), VexCode Pro, VSCode, PROS?

Posting your code (using ``` at the beginning and ending if it’s C/C++ will format it nicely) will be helpful so that we can help you diagnose your issue.


While I am not a coder on my team I would recommend some additional information to ensure your question can be answered.

What programming language are you using?
Can you send some pictures of your autonomous functions?

Anything that you think would help people solve your issue would be appreciated otherwise we would not have enough information to solve your issue.

Could you post your code? That would help the forum members diagnose your problem…


using blocks
Screenshot 2023-01-30 8.58.55 PM
this is the first part of my program. i added the stop driving command but it still only spins

Are you using an inertial sensor or have one programmed in the code? If the inertial sensor isn’t plugged in correctly or if there’s one in the code but not on the robot it will just spin around

yes i am using it and yes it is programed i believe it is working right

It may have been that the inertial sensor got unplugged or otherwise wasn’t working in the autonomous

i will hve to check that thanks