Robot Sticker Regulations

I recently managed to get some sheets of sticker paper and have some questions about legality regarding the stickers’ placement on the robot.

  1. If I put a sticker on plexiglass, preferably this one,
    Would it violate any rules based on distracting visions sensors? I know there are certain regulations prohibiting certain colored decorations, but would this image be legal? Also, this image would probably be around 5x5 inches and there would be one on each side of my robot.

  2. I am also interested in printing stickers for my license plates. Are there regulations on the font, colors, or anything else related to the stickers on the license plates? I’ve seen many teams with various colored stickers on their plates and was curious about any rules prohibiting these plates.

For years my teams have sticker bombed and graffitied our robot, no one seemed to care.
But now with vision sensors, I don’t know, no one has called us out in our state. If teams are allowed to have their robots painted blue and red then you should be allowed to have a small blue sticker. I don’t believe their are rules about the license plate thing either.


Nobody should care about you putting some stickers on your robot. Our robot has a sticker and nobody cares. We may have to invest in putting some vision sensor distraction on our robot.:grin: It hasn’t officially been stated as illegal so…

But it has in the manual…


Care to back that up? :smiley:


g. Decorations that visually mimic field elements or could otherwise interfere with an opponent’s Vision Sensor are considered functional and are not permitted. This includes lights, such as the VEX Flashlight. The Head Inspector and Head Referee will make the final decision on whether a given decoration or mechanism violates this rule.


THanks. I was looking furiously under R7


So basically if you want to be safe, grey-scale it. I think you’d be good if you didn’t if it was in a spot that a vision sensor wouldn’t be able to see but it’d probably be better to be 100%

Tbh if a robot has a vision sensor that can see through all the background colors and flag reflections, then that logo won’t mess it up. I see no reason you couldn’t use it. Besides, teams are going to be looking up at flags, not down at other robots correct?

So do you suppose the blue jay sticker would be fine, or should I greyscale it?

Should be fine. Maybe bring a greyscale backup in case it does cause issues

Ok, sounds good. Thanks for the help.

I remember at our state championship tournament a team had to remove their decorations (called out by the referee). The had to remove the sticker, which they had no problem with since they could just remove the piece of plastic holding the stickers.

Do you happen to know why it was removed? Was it because of vision sensor distraction or other reason?

If i remember correctly there was a complaint (from a parent, not a team member) that the decoration was interfering with vision sensor code.
My advice would just to do what the team did, have an extremely easy way to remove the stickers if the situation arises where you do need to remove the decorations.

You can use any decoration in any way possible as long as its purpose is to be nonfunctional. But if you have a specific image, it must be backed up by a VEX part. An image is treated the same way as andonizing/spray painting your robot, so there’s no problem with adding any images on lexan or metal. In terms of the liscense plate, you are not allowed to spray paint or alter the plate in any manner, BUT you are allowed to alter the text in any way or color as long as it is still visible and obvious to the referees.

It’s just a sticker. Put it on and if someone asks just take it off.

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I’m not as concerned with the license plates as I am with the sticker. For the license plates, I’m only going to put new number/letter stickers on it anf I won’t alter the plate. As for the sticker on the plexiglass, I want to put the bluejay sticker on it. Do you suppose the sticker I put in the beginning of this thread would violate the vision sensor distraction rules, or do you suppose it would be fine.

The way that my region has enforced this rule is by not allowing a decal that closely matches the flag. Due to the vision sensor’s ability to look for a color code (ex: green next to red), the only illegal color schemes would be either green next to red or blue

So, for example, my image of the bluejay logo, would it be legal in your region and likely have no one try and have you take it off?