Robot Sticker Regulations


Yeah you would definitely be fine with that in our region. We have our own logos on our robot and it has never been a problem.


There is a bit more advice in the Q&A.

The key term appears to be “visually mimic a field element”. Now, that’s kind of vague and those who don’t understand vision sensors might try to say that your blue jay is “mimicking” a field element, but I’d ask them to read the Q&A before they said anything more… I quote, below:

“… just as teams are responsible for the decorations on their own robots, teams utilizing the Vision Sensor should be conscious of the possibility for inadvertent or incidental visual interference. It will be up to the inspector and head referee to determine if a given robot’s decoration or design acts as a “Vision Sensor distraction” or not.”

Teams using the vision sensor should be looking up for red/blue objects or looking down for yellow ones. If a blue object below the plane of the camera’s horizon distracts the camera, then that is bad programming because they haven’t filtered out inadvertent or incidental visual interference. If they mistake a mostly square or mostly round object for a rectangular object, then that is bad programming because they haven’t filtered out inadvertent or incidental visual interference. On the other hand, if your ref and/or inspector don’t understand how the vision sensor works, and how a low-flying blue jay should be easy to separate from a high flying flag with half-decent coding, then you might want to have a bit of green masking tape to stick over it.

The rule is intended to keep teams from mimicking field elements… not from making their robots look nice.

But now let’s talk about this “plexiglas” stuff you want to use, and whether it is good idea… I mean, okay, it’s legal as a non-functional decoration, but you might want to consider Lexan (polycarbonate) or PETG rather than Acrylic (plexiglas) as the latter can be fairly brittle.



So, in your opinion, if I had 2 identical pictures of that bluejay logo, both about 4”x5”, located about mid way up my robot, the highest part of the sticker about 7”-8” off of the ground, I shouldn’t have an issue with it without greyscaling it?

As for the plexiglass, I am using a legal Lexan under the designated .07 thickness, I just have a tendency to call it plexiglass. Thanks for your concern about that though!


Coming from a team that uses a vision sensor, we usually use it towards the front of the field pointed up. It shouldn’t impact us for sure, however we are going to implement full court shots, and that might be a problem, however we are trying to get the sensor so that it detects both the green and whatever alliance color it is, because right now we have it only sensing the alliance color and that can be skewed up if there are people wearing colored shirts and whatnot. We want it done before worlds because, well, there’s a lot of red at worlds. Overall I wouldn’t sweat it too much, but if someone asks you to take it off its only a sticker, not like you have to completely rebuild your robot.


Well, I won’t be your LRI at Worlds, but I’ve done it for 11 years (12 counting FVC, I guess) and I’d be fine with it.

4"x5" is a bit bigger than your logo appeared in the photo… that’s starting to get big enough and close enough to rectangular that maybe I’d have a bit of sympathy for someone claiming it interfered with their targeting, but a lot would depend on how you drive it… if you’re constantly moving and playing an offensive game then you’ll almost never be in a position where you could mimic a vision target. But if you went and parked down in front of the flags, I could see the refs having something to say about it.

Hey, it’s just a sticker… print a greyscale one, too, or just carry a roll of masking tape as a backup. If anyone is concerned, just put the tape over your logo at the start of the match and pull it off afterwards. It won’t affect the performance of your robot and you come away being “the good guy”.

Nothing to lose… so go for it.