Robot Stuck on 10 point bar

So a couple weeks ago, my team went to our first competition of the season. During all our drive practice we had been pretty much fine in scoring in the 20 point Zone. When we went to our competition, our robot kept on getting stuck in the 10 point Zone and could not get out. Toward the end of the qualifiers, we just stopped going for the 20 point Zone. We had no idea why it was getting stuck there even though we were running our motors at 127 and hadn’t been over running them. The only think I can think of is that our motors are internally geared for speed, but that shouldn’t take away from the drive torque too much. Anything helps, thanks.

is there a peice of your chasis too low and getting caught on the 10 point bar?

Pics and/or video helps a lot!

This same problem happened to my team earlier this year, what was happening was we were just barely above the pipe, and there were some screw heads hitting the pipe, how we had our wheel base gave to little force to pull the frame back, and so we had to change our drive base.
Remember that the field elements have a tolerance of ± 1", even if it doesn’t vary that much, it may be slightly different at competition from your practice field.

It’s either a problem with the field you were practicing on or a change in your robot.

In the case of an issue with your practice field, you should check out where your bars are and make sure that they are accurately placed. If they aren’t, it could be detrimental to your scores.

On the other hand, you may have an issue with your robot, and in that case, if you have other fields to practice on, try those. If your robot still works fine, then who knows, maybe there was a problem with the actual competition field.

Either way, redesigning may be necessary, but I wish you the best of luck.