Robot stuck on bridge in Teamwork Challenge

During the Bank shot season, we witnessed a team at the local events which at times would stall their robot at the start or in the middle of the game in front of the goal or at another spot in a teamwork challenge. They would not even attempt to move the robot out of the field. It appeared as if the team was trying to bring the other teams scores down by doing this. My question is that in case such a thing happens at the local events this year ( A situation where such a robot flips the bridge to their side and stays there with it’s weight on ) and the other team is stuck on the other side, what can be done by the other team. Should there be a rule to remove such a robot from the field immediately to let the other team score as many points as possible. Just a thought.

We expect all teams to be trying their hardest to contribute to their alliance. In the rare case where a team is trying to lower their alliance score to hurt their partner, they could be in violation of <G16>, quoted below.