Robot stuck veering left

So this has been a problem with our robot for 3 months.Whenever we try to code the robot to move forward it is stuck veering left.Screenshot 2021-04-15 2.06.31 PM

this is most likely a mechanical issue. if you have more friction in one side of your drive than the other, it will veer to that side. Make sure all your shafts on both sides of your drive have as low and as equal friction as possible.

could also be that a drive motor somewhere isn’t working but I think you would have found that after 3 months.


To add onto this, do you experience this while driving, or only during autonomous mode?


My team’s robot has a mild version of this problem. We’re pretty sure it’s the motors; that one is more worn down than the other. Try replacing the motors and/or do some tests on the motors to see if they’re spinning at the same rate.

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