Robot taking support of fence pipe while bank shot the balls


We have seen some robots in recent tournament where the robot is taking support of the fence pipe while dumping the balls in the bank shot goal so that the robot doesn’t fall over.
Based on the below rule, it looks like the red circle from the picture below is the only point where it’s considered as scoring zone, just want to clarify.

“Scoring Zone – The section of the field that is bounded by the inner edge of the Fence and the inner edges of the field walls.”




It is not illegal for a robot to extend into the scoring zone, as long as it doesn’t touch the goal or field floor within the zone. It would be legal to build a robot that steps into the scoring zone by walking on the orange balls, so long as it only touched the balls and not the floor in the zone.

The scoring zone is the floor and the goal… as long as you don’t exceed the 20" and don’t touch the goal or floor you are fine extending over the fence. You could even lean into the fence as long as you don’t break it.