Robot /Team names?

I want to know what people name their robots/ teams. Ours is WiFi

Ahem, it’s Y-fi, not Wi-fi

That’s actually what we named our team

whats your team number?


oh ok, i know who you are. (Cough Cough team captain )

4004Y, Ynot? (or Y-Not!)

our officially registered team name is Y-Not!, because my coach/dad thought it would be more of a “statement” to other teams, but our team prefers to use Ynot? on everything besides our team name for competitions. :slight_smile:

Our Number is 8675 and our robots name is Jenny.

Our team number is 5062D and I made an executive decision to call our bot Marcus. While the remainder of the team calls it Symmetra. Symmetra because it’s overpowered against a horrible team composition.

99402C, while the official name is hurricane robotics, we call ourselves FENIX

We are who we say we are, robot name was first The Panda Express, now it is PandaMonium

TEAM: Turned on turned in
My robot has no name, help me name it!

Loud Screeching should be it

@bossgivol Fight him! :wink:

Autistic Screeching sounds better

Our robot is named Sandy II. (Last year was just “Sandy”)

Our team is 7853D and our robot is NCC-1701C

We are Potato Robotics and our robot is named “Mac Boi Sandwich With Cheese”

We have Ahiga, Shacknasty,Witchdoctor, and Voodoo

Chopper is my robot name