Robot touching other robot in autonomous

What happens if a robot crossed the line and touches a robot but doesn’t touch any tiles I checked the manual and didn’t find anything and I was wondering if any of you guy knew anything

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What do you think should happen? Common sense plays a huge part in the rules. Are you now thinking about putting a giant boxing glove on a expanding frame and punching the robots on the other side?

Lego version for you to copy Custom LEGO Spring Boxing Glove - YouTube

Not touching the tiles, sorry I ran into you reminds me of the back seat of the car with little kids “Not touching not touching”. “Don’t make me pull this match over and make me come back there”


No what happened was that during auton a price of our robot went slightly over the lign moving the opponents robot slightly just wondering if there were rules for that

Yes, you’ll find those rules in the game manual! Start with sg8


Well first, you can’t expand past 181818 until the last 10 seconds so I don’t see how this is possible. Second the double line acts as a plane so no you can’t.

I also like what @Foster said

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Well are wheels are a bit back and the metal goes out farther than the wheels and that bumped the other robot

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