Robot Turning at the End of Program for No Reason

Hi guys, my team has been changing our robots a bit, but we found a problem. We want to test if the robot could go in a straight line but at the end of the program which is just to go straight, it will turn to the right. Our team uses chain drive for the drivetrain. We realized it was hardware that was causing the problem because using the code we separated the drivetrain to left and right side. When we made the right side to go a little more forward than the left, the problem was fixed. But we don’t want to use code to solve this issue, so is there an way to fix the hardware?

We have asked other teams in our organization to try driving forward and stop as we use chain drive. We realized that we all have the same problem.

You need to reduce friction. There’s been many topics made on how to reduce friction on this forum. All one needs to due is utilize the search bar.

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Ok, thank you for letting me know

Do you know where the friction usually occur?

Bent axles, chain too tight, misaligned bearings, axle spacers creating pressure, damage part, etc.

Flip the robot off its wheels and see how easy it is to spin each wheel. Then do it without the chain connected. You should be able to identify the problem by comparing similar assemblies.