Robot Virtual Worlds... for this summer!!!???

Good afternoon!

I am doing a summer camp this year and I would like to use RVW. I’m looking at some of the options to buy but I’m just not sure what I should get as VCS is coming out. I know I can just wait a couple of weeks and everything will be revealed at WORLDS, but I’m curious if anyone knows what will be available. I’m assuming that VCS will be free and RVW will use the same licencing as they do now.

As we get closer to the end of the year it gets harder to buy things, so I’m going to purchase ASAP.

I know at some point someone on here said VCS was more alpha than beta software, and the RobotC++ option was grayed-out.

Based on that, the lack of confirmation regarding the existence of an RVW equivalent for VCS, and the [rumored/[url=]semi-confirmed] August launch date for V5 (and likely VCS too), you should probably stick to current offerings.