Robot Virtual Worlds Programming Skills

I have mentioned this in a previous thread, but on the Nothing But Net virtual world, the launcherbot only scores bar shots into the high goal. This thread has not been made to complain, or ask if I can get more power. I made this thread to ask you guys how you got around this, to score a high score in programming skills.

My questions are; what is your high score? What was your strategy (pick up balls or programming skills loads)? How did you come up with your final code?

(Also, has anybody else noticed that after scoring about 110 points in a single high goal (including bonus balls), further balls have a tendency to bounce out of the goal, sometimes taking other balls with them?)

The limit in balls on a real field exists as well but I believe the difference is due to the net not expanding in virtual worlds. Also in skills you should be scoring in both goals.