Robot Weight

Just curious what teams robots were weighing in at this year and how many motors you decided to use for the drive train. Our 3008a weighs in at 19 lb and uses 8 motors on its drive. Geared for 2.5 fps.

One of or robots weights about 13.5 lbs, and it uses 4 393 motors in a 1 to 1 ratio.

Our robots have weighed usually around 18-22 pounds, and we usually end up doing a direct-drive with four motors.

I’m not sure that we ever actually weighed our robots, but compared to other robots at competition (including worlds), we weighed in at the heaver end of the spectrum. We also have went with a 4 motor direct drive, using 393s when they were available. That seems to make the robot plenty fast for most games, and gives it enough pushing power to handle most tasks.

we have 4 high strength and we weigh 25 pounds

We have 4 high strength motors on our base and we weigh around 16-18 pounds

At Texas BEST regionals for 2011 BEST game “BUGS!”, the vast majority of the 55 BEST robots weighed 12-18 pounds, with an occasional high of 23.5 pounds;
Nearly all used 2 wheel caster or 2 wheel skid drive with two large BEST motors direct drive cantilever mounted on 9-20" wheels.

Three notably unusual drive setups:

  • 2 small BEST motor direct drive on 7" wheels (with ramp up/ramp down coding after tearing up the gears in the first set of motors)
  • 2 large BEST motors driving hand-cut pinion gears driving interior ring gears on 18" wheels.
  • 2 transverse mounted large BEST motors over the caster, with twin drive shafts to bevel-friction-cones(!) driving 7" wheels.
  • tank treads made of duct-tape
  • non-steering slick idler wheels
  • hand-made Polypro disk roller omni-wheel idler wheels

When incomplete Wheel drive gear ratio reports don’t mention what type of wheels are being used, I assume they are using 4" omni-wheels, since that seems to be the most common.