Robot while hanging is supported by stars or cubes

If at the end of the match your bot is successfully hanging above the wall, but is on a pile of stars and cubes that are inevitably going to be there to prevent the hanging from happening, how is the scoring done? Do the refs remove the element s and if the bot is still above the wall then you get 12pts?
There is not rule that we can find that says you can’t be sitting on a pile of elements. I don’t think you can be supported by the wall though.
Any thoughts. Thanks.

You can’t be supported by the elements.

trust me, the elements will break :stuck_out_tongue:

We just scoured the rules again and there is no mention of contact with a star or cube when hanging.What rule number says you can not be touching a game element after you have successfully climbed?
We aren’t trying to sit with our bot weight crushing an element. The pole will be hold the near full weight of the bot. Just asking if elements are touching the side or bottom are you not given the 12 points if bot is above the wall.

You can TOUCH the element, but you can not be SUPPORTED by the element(s).

Right, in other words if the bot somehow disconnected from the pole and was sitting on the pile of elements and is above the wall you would not get the 12 points.

Is this actually rule? Or something you feel, like thruthiness? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you please quote a rule number?

Again, is this an actual rule or just your best assumption? Please quote rule numbers from the manual when declaring absolutes about the rules.

Like I said we’ve searched the rules and can not find anything remotely discussing being in contact or sitting on elements while on the hanging pole, so I guess you should get the 12 pt when above the wall or 4 pts for being just off the tiles.
I bet the next rules update will address this.

A good saying: If there isn’t a rule against it, you can do it.