Robot Wiring

I just always put my cortex and expander in a safe place and right next to each other, that way I can use the shortest 3-wire cables to connect them. I also zip-tied 2 batteries together to make a big battery brick, which also helps in my opinion.

Seems like we think alike(Although I use electric tape) :wink:


I also have the battery powered logo on mine. Only seemed fitting.

Home Depot

New robot, new wiring. Thought I would just drop this by…


Wait how did you get those black things on each wire? Did you just thread each wire all the way through the black thing?


I agree, but it looks pretty cool does it not?

Yeah, I’m just jealous.

You got it.

I do like to get a little extra with my wiring.

I’m just kidding. Honestly I’m jealous as heck.