Robot with arm

I am trying to make the robot forward and move motor 6 which controls the arm so that it can pick up up the poles and once it does the robot it supposed to move backwards, turn left, and drive forward and then move the motor down. This robot is also inverted so the robot does the opposite of what the code says. I’m not sure why it does not work and also the robot moves too fast so is there a way to slow it down? I have attached a picture of my code below.

Please let me know why my code does not work.

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In the configurations tab there should be two arrows in which you can reverse the motor(s) so the code works correctly. Also at the start of the program put a set velocity and choose the value.

My main problem is that the robot just spins and does not move and turn and the arm does not move either so do you know why this might be happening?

Can I see how you have the motors configured? Because your program should work, the only thing i can think of is change the direction motor6 spins.

Here are my configured motors

Can you show how your drivetrain is configured?

So i reviewed your program and there is a drive reverse that has no stated end, and can you explain where the program goes wrong?

The code goes wrong at the start because the robot spins for a long time, moves the arm, and the spins again.

So instead of going forward it spins? That is very odd and i might not be able come up with an answer for that.

Did you make sure your drive motors are configured in the proper ports? Try set drive velocity to 10% and then set turn velocity to 10% and then if it can make sound or shake the controller or print to the brain or something indicative like that, have it indicate in some way after every block, so you know what block it’s trying to do. See which motors are spinning how and tell us that.

Your inertial sensor might be dead. Something similar had happened to us many times when we had a dead inertial sensor and our robot would just endlessly spin.

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Can you send a video of your robot in action? Maybe that might help us understand it better.

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If there is a video I might be able to help.