Robot won’t drive in any direction but turning to the right

My VEX robot has had trouble turning in any direction but right but whenever it goes straight it immediately when run again says user program exceeded a 3second time limit
Does anybody know how I could fix it

First step would be telling us specifics about the various systems that might be causing it. Hearing just the symptoms without knowing what kind of robot, what programming software, what the program is, etc. doesn’t give enough information to diagnose the cause.

The Robot is a vex Is it is maybe three or four years old and what happens it the motor on the left hand side cuts out immediately only allowing the right hand motor to work
I have tried swapping ports and cables and the motor didn’t work so I changed out the motor and the process repeated

Meant vex Is…

IQ… auto correct kills

Good, that’s some extra information. From what you’ve said so far it points to a code problem, but you have not provided any information about how the robot was programmed or what program you loaded onto it.

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The programming is on vex IQ Blocks the app and the program that showed the problem was the following sequence
When started
Drive forward 10 inches

And now we wait for someone more familiar with VEXcode IQ Blocks to come along to ask more detailed questions. (You might edit your original post so this shows up in the appropriate category on the forum instead of the Website/Forum Support category that it’s currently in. Not everyone looks at every category.)

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It might be worth posting your code too. The error message would suggest that something is a miss because the user program (the bit you write) is not responding in a way that the master firmware would expect and causing it to time out.

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