I’m working on my robot (normal arm-type robot) and whenever I connect the Joystick and cortex, I can’t get the robot to move. The VEXnet connection is fine, and the Joystick and cortex are paired. I am at a loss for words, because it just won’t work! I’m thinking there is something wrong with the Default Code given, but again I have no idea.

Anyone might know how to help?

Does the cortex come loaded with default code?

Also make sure that your motors are plugged into the right motor ports on your cortex in the code and that you have indeed loaded code on there assigning channels to specific motors.

Check the firmware on the Joystick and cortex and ensure that they’re up to date. If everything looks good, download the default code again to the cortex. This document will give you a description of any problems that might be occurring in the style of a flowchart, and since I don’t know all of the details of your situation this might be a good resource for you. If your problems persist, don’t hesitate to describe your problem in more detail and we’ll be happy to help.

Thank You guys so much! I had a little problem with the motors and old firmware so I really thank you for bringing it to my attention. Hopefully if i have more problems, your here to help!