ROBOTC 4.26 VEXNet 2.0 Firmware Issues

VEX has recently introduced firmware updates to their VEX Cortex, VEXNet Joystick Controller, and VEXNet 2.0 Key systems. Because these updates have been recently introduced, they are not included with the current version of ROBOTC for VEX Robotics 4.26. In order to enable these new firmware updates on your Cortex and retain the VEXNet 2.0 functionality in ROBOTC 4.26, you will need to follow the steps below

  • Run the VEXNet Firmware Update Utility on the Cortex and Joystick Controller to update their firmware versions to VEX’s latest Master Firmware version (4.23)
  • Run the VEXNet 2.0 Key Firmware Update Utility on the VEXNet 2.0 keys
  • Download the ROBOTC firmware to the Cortex (NOT the Master firmware) through ROBOTC’s ‘Robot -> Download firmware -> Manually Update Firmware -> ROBOTC Firmware’ menu option in ROBOTC.

VEXNet Firmware Upgrade Utility & VEXNet 2.0 Key Upgrade Utility can be found on VEX’s Software Downloads page.

The new firmware versions will be included in ROBOTC’s next update (of which we are currently in the final steps of preparation before releasing). We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.